Patriot Pride


Troy teamed up with sports journalist, Mike Reiss, to write his autobioBook Covergraphy, “Patriot Pride: My Life in the New England Dynasty.”

The book details Troy’s life and football career up until the time he was inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame in 2012.

Patriots quarterback and longtime teammate Tom Brady penned the foreword to the book:

“Like many others, I view Troy as one of the greatest players in the history of the franchise,” Brady wrote. “I’m honored that he asked me to participate in this book that chronicles his career from pee-wee football to the NFL, and sends a message to youngsters that even a longshot underdog can achieve greatness if they stay true to themselves, work hard, and put the team first.”

The book has received positive reviews since its release in October of 2015, and is currently on its second printing.

Watch Mike and Troy discuss new book on Fox 25 Boston: Here